What we do as Architects and How We Can Help You: 


We Can Help: 


We can prepare feasibility studies, sketch plans

and submit Planning and Building Regulation Applications.


Our Client’s ideas are given form and expression

without imposing a 'house style' or pre-conceptions.


We can assist in any aspect of the design process

and offer a full or staged service from initial discussion

through to project completion.




What we do:


Initial Contact:


Ø       Pre appointment preliminary discussions.

Ø       Advise on the level of service relevant to the project and associated fees.



Feasibility and Concept Sketch:


Ø       Developing the project brief.

Ø       Feasibility Studies to establish the parameters affecting the site and how the objectives can be achieved in principle.

Ø       Advise on what surveys may be required and if other Consultants are required.

Ø       Development of feasibility and brief to form a sketch scheme or where necessary options for discussion.  Advice on what will be required to accompany a planning application and who would prepare this information.  Discuss the proposed scheme with the Local Planning Authority where possible.



Scheme Design For Planning Application:


Ø       Develop the scheme for a formal planning application to the Local Authority and prepare the necessary design and access reports.

Ø       For Listed Buildings we would prepare a Heritage Statement and impact assessment to accompany a Listed Building Consent Application.

Ø       If approved we would help with the discharge of planning conditions.



Building Regulations:


Ø       Advise on what is required to make a technical Building Regulation Application and if other Consultants are required to prepare some of the information such as Structural Engineers and Mechanical/Electrical Engineers.

Ø       Prepare the necessary drawings and technical information for a Building Regulation submission and liaise with other Consultants.



Production Information and Tender:


Ø       Develop the drawings and technical information sufficient for submitting tender documents to a selection of contractors or negotiating with a Client’s preferred contractor.  Also prepare schedules and specification documents.

Ø       Discuss with our Client the returned tenders and advise on the successful contractor.



Construction Period:


Ø       Instruct the successful contractor, prepare contract documents and meet to agree all final details.

Ø       Periodically visit the site to see if the construction work is to programme and in accordance with the contract information issuing monthly certificates for payment.

Ø       Inspect on completion and after a defects period of six or twelve months.




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